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Squeals on Wheels 1st Ladies 3rd Overall
Fastest Lap Time 109.76!
Car built by Royce
New Milton Pedal Car Grand Prix 2013
I have these lovely comments from two new riders at New Milton Pedal Car Grand Prix on 14 July 2013, who have never been pedal car racing before. The car they were pedalling as part of a team was No 25 “Squeals On Wheels”. These are their comments:-
From Adel:
“What a fabulous way to spend a Sunday. 
My first experience of pedal car racing is that this is a super friendly all inclusive group of people drawn together with a mutual desire to race around town centre streets on pedal powered vehicles of all shapes, sizes and descriptions but each one made with a dedication to the ultimate goal... Having the best fun possible on four wheels! 
There was a definite competitive spirit underlying the event regardless of realistic ability to compete for podium places. When you jump in and push those pedals it's you against the road, just to get that thing around the course as fast as you possibly can risk capsizing, crashing or mechanicals, the red mist falls and you turn into a Luigi from Mario Cart! I think our additional inter-team challenge for the fastest lap helped us achieve 3rd place overall. 
This has to be the hardest interval session I have ever done and the look on all the other drivers’ faces tells me they felt the same.  Juniors, seniors, vets anyone, everyone of any age should have a go at this, I assure you, you will laugh all day (and for a few days after). 
Where do I sign for the next one :-) bring it on”!
From Nicole:
“Driving a Pedal car was very strange to begin with, I'm not used to being so low to the ground. Once I got the hang of the steering around the tight 180 degree corners I loved it when the race finally got underway.  The whole atmosphere was fantastic, blasting around the course and pulling off a few daring over taking manoeuvres was very exhilarating. I really enjoyed the fact that we raced as a team and once I'd got my breath back after my laps it was a lot of fun cheering on my team mates and seeing how the race unfolded.
I could feel the benefit of doing getting it right round the corners and keeping a high speed as there were times when I got it totally wrong and the wheels skidded, scrubbing off all my speed and then I had to put a lot of effort in to the acceleration.  I have a lot of respect for Cliff and how he designed and built such fantastic cars. Who knows how far this will go, I'm definitely interested in doing a few more races”!
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