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Bottom Bracket Axle Racing Gold complete

The Racing Gold Carbon and Supreme range is available in Hubs and Bottom Bracket Axles by special order only.   The range is manufactured in Titanium, the benefit of this being the flanges can take equal stress when braking forces are applied.  A deep lustre is hand polished to the outside of the shell.  To retain this surface finish a Titanium Nitride coating is applied to give a superb, extremely hard, distinctive Royce gold finish. 

Racing Gold Carbon - the flanges are Titanium, coated with an extremely hard finish of Titanium Nitride to give the superb gold finish with a ground and lacquered Carbon Fibre spacer.

Racing Gold Supreme - the body of the hub is manufactured from a single billet of Titanium and finished with the Titanium Nitride coating for the Royce gold finish. 






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