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Racing Gold Bottom Bracket Axle complete

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The Racing Gold Bottom Bracket Axle features a ground and laquered Carbon Fibre Spacer, special cups and offers a weight saving of 10% over the Royce Talent Bottom Bracket Axle.  The Axle is precision machined from a very tough material  6A1-4V Titanium. The precision Bearings feature contact seals as standard and the low profile cups are machined from aerospace grade Aluminium.  The Titanium End Bolts are Nitrided to produce a Gold wear resistant finish.

This includes the complete Bottom Bracket Axle assembly, End Bolts and Royce Anti Shake Compound.

These Axles are only available in shorter lenghts - 80, 85, 90, 95, 102, 103, 106 and 107 mm.  For the cyclist requiring a very low "Q" factor is the reason we produce these unusually short axles.

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